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We Make Weighing Easy ...

  • Modular Weighbridge
    Modular Weighbridge

    Our weighbridges can be easily dismantled and re-erected in a new location in a Short span of time.

  • Mobile Weighbridge
    Mobile Weighbridge

    Mobile weighbridge needs no foundation, just smooth hard surface on which the load cell plates rest.

  • Pit Less Weighbridge
    Pit Less Weighbridge

    This type of weighbridge scale is most suitable where the excavation work for foundation is difficult.

  • Pit Type Weighbridge
    Pit Type Weighbridge

    This type of weighbridge is most suitable for places with limited space.

  • Road in Motion
    Road in Motion

    In-motion weighing is an established feature of axle weighing and was originally developed by EAGLE in the early 1991s.

  • Cup and Ball Type load cells and compression load cells
    Double Ended Shear Beam & Compression Type Load cell

  • digital electronic weighing scale
    digital electronic weighing scale

Rail In-Motion
rail in motion, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Tanzania
♦ Rail In-Motion ♦

We provide superior quality rail weighing systems, automatic weighing systems that are based on latest technology. Our rail in motion weighing systems is available in customized mode to meet the exact demands of our clients. Our wide array of rail in motion weighing systems comprises of the following:

Eagle Combo rail in motion weiging system designed in accordance with the worldwide requirement RAILWAYS/RDSO. The system design is very simple yet powerful, allow you to install the system in short span even at a very narrow curved line. The system has been designed with new and simple algorithm to deduct complex engine and wagon’s track pattern. The improved Rail Sensor design allow our combo rail fit for even short span of Straight Line requirement even less than 45Mts . The user has get wide choice for the software, inter connectivity vie Ethernet, GMS, USB. The system can be simple pit and Pitless design.

Specifications :

  • Weighing Capacity : 120 T for individual Wagon
  • Type of Wagon : All types of standard Wagons of Indian Rly.
  • Type of Weighing : Axle
  • No. of Axles : 2, 4 axles wagons
  • Axle: Load : 45 Ton (Maximum)
  • Weighing Speed : 15 KM/Hr.
  • Direction of Weighment : Bi Direction
  • Load Sensor Type : Strain gauge, hermitically sealed
  • No of strain gauges per weigh Rail : 2
  • Surge protection : In built
  • Safe over load withstand capacity : 150% rated capacity
  • Calibration : Automatic
  • Increment : Selectable 20/50/100 Kg
  • Accuracy : (+) / (-) 0.5% for wagon (+) / (-) 0.2% for complete rake
  • Power Supply : 230 V, +/- 10% single Phase 50 Hz

Features :
  • Fix on embedded - rail mounted sensor with hermetically sealed
  • Pit / Pitless design option under single roof
  • High speed and High accuracy
  • Automatic correction of gain & zero
  • Automatic Identification of Wagon and Engine
  • Automatic Direction selection
  • Auto Roll back up to 65000 wheels
  • Direct print out of Rake information
  • RDSO approved.
  • Approved under CLASS 0.2 As per OIML/LM
  • Advanced over speed indicator
  • Modular design for Silo and RLS loading
  • High mv/v output with reduced SNR
  • Inbuilt surge and lightning arrester
  • Well built and maintenance free
  • Weather proof design

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