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We Make Weighing Easy ...

  • Modular Weighbridge
    Modular Weighbridge

    Our weighbridges can be easily dismantled and re-erected in a new location in a Short span of time.

  • Mobile Weighbridge
    Mobile Weighbridge

    Mobile weighbridge needs no foundation, just smooth hard surface on which the load cell plates rest.

  • Pit Less Weighbridge
    Pit Less Weighbridge

    This type of weighbridge scale is most suitable where the excavation work for foundation is difficult.

  • Pit Type Weighbridge
    Pit Type Weighbridge

    This type of weighbridge is most suitable for places with limited space.

  • Road in Motion
    Road in Motion

    In-motion weighing is an established feature of axle weighing and was originally developed by EAGLE in the early 1991s.

  • Cup and Ball Type load cells and compression load cells
    Double Ended Shear Beam & Compression Type Load cell

  • digital electronic weighing scale
    digital electronic weighing scale

Jwellery Scale

Features :

  • Best Quality ADI ARTECH (USA) Make Precision Load Cell.
  • Bright LED Display (RED or ULTRA GREEN).
  • ABS Attractive Body with Windshield.
  • S.S.Weighing Pan.
  • Auto Calibration, External Weights.
  • Multifunction weighing Units.
  • High Resolution, Accurate Result.
  • Full Tare Rang, Auto Zero mode.
  • Remote Display suitable for desktop mounting.
  • Draft Shield to reduce errors due to air movement.
  • Mains / rechargeable 6VAH battery operated. 50hrs backup.
  • RS232 / direct printing option. Continuous / command control.

Specification :
  • Capacity : 300gm
  • Division : 10mg
  • Display : 0.5” Large LED Display RED, Ultra GREEN
  • Platter (mm) : STD
  • Accessories : Remote Display Draft Shield Brass Wt 200g RS 232 Printer Interface

♦ Jwellery Scale ♦

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