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We have ISO 9001 - 2008 certified manufacturing Unit at Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India. We are manufacturing all types of Weigh Bridges & Weighing scales under the brand name "FLYING EAGLE" Since 1974. We also provide ISO certified products with OIML/ NTPE standards. All of our products are also having CE certification. 'EAGLE' is having its state-of-art manufacturing unit at Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India with full fledge manufacturing facility. 'EAGLE' is having capacity and enough man power to cater the manufacturing of weighbridge as per customer's requirement. It is having the base of more than 12,000 satisfied clients in INDIA and Abroad.

Why Us

  • One Year Unconditional Piece To Piece Free Replacement Guaranteed System of Eagle.
  • More Than 39 Years Unchallengeable Service of Eagle.
  • The Eagle Provide Auto Calibration Function in all Electronics Systems, It is very user friendly to clients with password system, enable to customer for self well managing The Electronics Systems & Weighbridge.
  • The Eagle Will Provide The Power Protection System Against Power Fluctuation.
  • The Eagle Will Provide Surge Protection & Lightning Protection Facility.
  • Superior Quality & Prompt Service of Eagle.
  • Affordable Competitive Price to All Segments.
  • The Eagle Will Provide The World Class U.P.S. with High Voltage Protection & Battery Back Up System.
  • The Load Cells Has The Approval Of O.I.M.L., N.T.E.P. & ROSH
  • The Load Cells has IP 68 & 69K Protected.
  • The Load Cells are tested up to One Meter below Water Condition So There is no Problem in Wet Condition ?



Our Clients

Our Clients


  • This type of weighbridge / Truck scale is most suitable where the excavation work for foundation is difficult or construction of pit is expensive. Since the structure is above ground level, vehicles can approach the weighbridge only from two directions where the ramps are provided. This type of weighbridge requires more space.

  • Costly Pit construction is eliminated.
  • Platform above ground level - No water logging during rainy season Problem of pit maintenance is eliminated.
  • Easy maintenance since all parts accessible above ground level.
  • In Pit less weighbridge RCC ramp work must be required at least 3 meters for both sides for easy movement of vehicle.


  • This type of weighbridge is most suitable for places with limited space e.g. non-hilly areas where the construction of pit is not a costly affair. Since the platform is in level with the ground, vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any direction. Most public weighbridge prefer this design.

  • Lesser Space Required (As it has no ramps)
  • Rickshaws & Tractor Trolleys can also be weighed as platform is in flush with ground Level.
  • No Ramp require for truck movement because it is installed in land surface level.
  • Costly Foundation.


  • Low civil cost and lesser excavation is required. Very rugged and tough in structure. Come in module form for easy transportation and installation. Surface mounted, hence very economical. The load cells and consequently the top of dock plate, are above the ground level, facilitating easy maintenance. No high water table and drainage problem.


Eagle - Modular weigh bridges can be easily dismantled and re-erected in a new location in a short span of time. Transportation of the modules can be arranged through a normal Truck.

Our Weigh bridges are fitted with load cells which supports the structure through a special arrangement. This ensures the structure swings in order to avoid the shock loading transferred directly to the load cell, on a dynamic force created by a moving truck over the platform and thereby load cell accuracy is sustained for a longer period.


  • The electronic/digital system consists of high-precision bridge-type double shearing-beam or high-precision column-type load cells with stable and rich functions.

  • U-shape beam structure, scientific and reasonable, strong and durable
  • Undersurface uses high quality antirust paint so as to increase its service life
  • Modular, sealed cavity, anticorrosion, convenient installation.
  • Use imported A/D conversion chip, which has rich practical experience in the market
  • High resolution, can reach 1/500000
  • Self fault diagnosis function and tare two-way recovery function
  • GRAPHICAL Display with USB Data Backup Facility


  • Mobile weighbridge needs no foundation, just smooth hard surface on which the load cell plates rest. This saves lots of cost and time. Standard weighbridge foundation and installation takes 2-3 months while mobile weighbridges can be installed in 2 hours.

  • Modular Design- Machine supplied complete with platform, bottom frame and ramps
  • Needs no foundation
  • Installation in hours
  • Can be shifted to another site easily
  • Keeps vigil on costly materials
  • Significantly saves time & construction costs
  • Most suited for temporary site.


  • Avail from us a wide range of Unmanned Weighbridge System that has proved as an efficient development for weighbridge security and operational efficiency. These weighbridge systems offer multitude advantages over other systems and eliminate the need of having a permanently manned weighbridge.

  • No requirement of Weighbridge operator
  • Main weighing electronics-cum-controller Installed in weigh cabin
  • All gadgets like boom barrier, photo sensors, Signal masts, camera, card reader located near the weighbridge
  • At the token counter, the Driver is provided a radio card with all the particulars electronically entered in to it


  • Trucks with axle load higher than legal limits cause a disproportionately higher percentage of damage to the infrastructure and adverse impact on traffic safety. Eagle Truck Weigh in motion System (TWIM) is a robust, reliable, maintenance-free weighing mechanism designed for use on highway entries with non-stop heavy traffic.

  • Instant check for road legal weight
  • Fully unattended weighing operation
  • Weighs hundreds of vehicles daily
  • Daily reporting measures vehicle productivity
  • Automatic recording of weight and images of vehicles
  • Gross weight, axle weights, numbers of axles can be recorded
  • Data records can be stored for future use or can be sent via LAN or Internet to the server.


  • The "EAGLE" Off-Road weighbridge is a high structural strength design to withstand very high concentrated axle loads of articulated vehicles used In off-road applications, where the loads can range from 50t to 200t. The steel deck is constructed from I - shaped beams resulting in strength at critical stress points giving a ridged weighbridge.


One bridge consists of 2 separate scales, Each scale includes four (4) bridge modules and three (3) Load Cells Height of the Deck - 500/600/650mm from the load cell base plate to the top of the weighbridge deck. The deck plate shall be manufactured from smooth plate 10/12/14mm. All cables run through conduit to the point of load cell/junction boxes. Each deck is joined together by "Eagle" - Load Cell Side rails will be planted into the ground next to the bridge.


  • Axle weighbridges are a very good choice for Mines and Factories, where installations are required to be quick. Shifting axle weighbridge can be done quickly and needs only a small pickup truck for transportation.

  • Rated capacity: up to 20 ton per pad @ 20 lb graduations
  • Material: High strength aluminum alloy
  • Static Accuracy: 0.25% full scale or better
  • Dynamic Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale with leveling track (See Weigh in Motion)
  • Dynamic Accuracy: +/- 3% of full scale without leveling track
  • Overload Capacity: 200% full scale
  • Input/output Resistance: 560 ohms +/- 50 ohms
  • Stability: 0.5% full scale/year
  • Ground level Requirement: <5mm within 0-4m
  • Weight: 52 lbs including ramps, 42 lbs without ramps


  • Axle weigh bridges are very cost effective solution, the user benefits from the low equipment cost, low cost of civil work & installation and hence rapid recovery on investment. Civil work takes only 3 to 4 days time and the installation can be done in just one day. With its many advantages and cost benefits, axle weighbridge is highly rewarding solution with no compromise.

  • Quick delivery and installation
  • Very low cost on civil work
  • Installation in one day
  • Powerful software (AXSOFT) which gives total control and accountability
  • IP-68 protection for load cells
  • System fully protected from lightening
  • Rugged instrumentation to give seamless performance
  • Capacity up to 60 Ton


  • EAGLE intelligent terminal is a rugged and sleek system specially designed for use in harsh and dusty environments. This is a RAM/ Rom based system and does not have any rotating parts such as hard disc and hence gives you trouble free / reliable performance.

  • USB port for Keyboard / Pendrive facility
  • Memory for 2,00000 records
  • Facility to send SMS for weighment record
  • Field programmable 10 subtitles for ticket data entry
  • Coding facility ( 100 codes for 4 entries)
  • Field Programmable Pre-printed tickets
  • Vehicle-wise data entry and report printing
  • Multi level passwords for security


  • You can now monitor your weighbridge transactions from your existing Eagle 1245 Intelligent Terminal on your cell phone without the intervention of the operator.

  • Programmable instant SMS Alert on every weighment.
  • Configurable message Content upto 145 characters.
  • Standard GSM SIM can be used.
  • Can be integrated with Eagle indicator.
  • SMS can be sent with Eagle Digitizer & Modem without Internet connectivity.
  • Extendable magnetic base Antenna with ~ 3m flexible cable.
  • Up to Four Mobile phones can be configured for the alert.
  • SMS Field Content can be chosen based on customer's requirements.


  • Wireless Display is the latest technology for remote displays in the weighing industry. This feature is useful for both Industrial & Public weighbridges.

  • No need of interconnecting cables between Indicator & Remote Display.
  • Installation cost gets reduced, as cost of cable, laying charges are not required. Less Maintenance cost as compared to wired display.
  • The distance between indicator & wireless display can be upto 100 mt.
  • Multiple Wireless displays can be installed for a single weight indicator.
  • Installation time gets reduced as there is no need of wiring & digging for cable laying.
  • Multiple Weight indicators can be installed in an area with wireless displays.


  • Double Ended Shear Beam Ball and Cup Load cells surpass Its Competitors in Terms Of Resistance against Side Forces. It Is a Fact That the Major Reason behind Load cell Manufacturing Is the Horizontal Side Forces Created by the Vehicles during Brakes and Sudden StartUps.

  • Capacity from 7.5t to 100t
  • Remarkable accuracy
  • Alloy Steel / Stainless steel design
  • True hermetic sealing
  • IP-68K & IP69K protection
  • Lightning protection: electronic gas discharge tubes
  • Metro logical certification for 3000/4000 intervals
  • Inbuilt Lightning & Surge Protection
  • Inbuilt Temp. Compensations


  • Each DLC has an individual A/D converter. This helps in generating higher internal counts for the total system and hence a lower division size can be achieved leading to higher accuracy.

  • Strong digital signal provides accurate weighing
  • Profitability with highest weighing accuracy
  • IP68 & IP69K Protection
  • No analogue-to-digital converter boxes
  • Electronics protected & hermetically sealed
  • Simple & inexpensive installation
  • Maintenance and repair are quick and easy
  • Roust design prevents power-surge damaged
  • Convert existing scales to a Eagle load cells


  • Eagle is one of the leading manufacturer, trader & exporter of all types of Electronic Weighing Scales & Systems, And Industrial Process Automation etc... We produce best quality products suitable to Indian Markets. We invite you to join our Eagle family of satisfied customers.

  • Operator will check vehicle position by viewing camera
  • Verify loaded good on vehicle
  • Checking same vehicle for both weighment
  • Vehicle image Zooming facility on viewer
  • E-mail send to as per requirement mail ID (Optional)
  • Send Email in PDF file format with full ticket detail, vehicle image...
  • IP Based DVR, it will connection LAN Networking
  • Working with any brand analog / IP cameras


  • Eagle load cell junction box has been designed for the use of summing the signal outputs from multiple load cells the body of the junction box is constructed using thick MS sheet and is powder coated to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

  • Makes weigh scale installation fast and easy
  • Powder coated MS sheet enclosure sealed against moisture and dust
  • Compression cable glands for load cell cables and output cable to indicator
  • Signal trimming by trim pots for every load cell (corner error correction)
  • Section trimming by trim pots for every section
  • Protection against high voltage induced by spikes, surges and lighting.


  • EAGLE is launching its Series of easy to read LED remote displays. Available with a choice of 5, 11 or 17 cm digits the high intensity, red LED characters can be seen from up to 325 feet and with a filtered lens are clearly visible both indoors and outside. The remote displays use auto-learn technology to make installation quick and easy. This can interpret the communication format and data stream of almost any instrument automatically to reduce set up time.


There is usually no need to press buttons or set switches to configure the ERD series with its plug and play capability. It can be integrated to virtually


  • System automatically takes Vehicle Photo on Weighment Time, capture vehicle actual position on weighbridge and store as image in HDD with full ticket details. When management requires viewing vehicle weighment time position on weighbridge then system will provide all images in image viewer

  • Operator will check vehicle position by viewing camera
  • Verify loaded good on vehicle
  • Checking same vehicle for both weighment
  • Vehicle image Zooming facility on viewer
  • E-mail send to as per requirement mail ID (Optional)
  • Send Email in PDF file format with full ticket detail, vehicle image...
  • IP Based DVR, it will connection LAN Networking
  • Working with any brand analog / IP cameras


  • Weighbridge AMC.
  • Small scale AMC.
  • Automation AMC.
  • With Spares / Without Spares option available.
  • Bi-yearly Service options available.
  • With Stamping / Without Stamping options available.

  • Existing Mechanical OR electro-Mechanical scale to Fully Electronic system using Four/Six OR Eight Load Cell.
  • Simple weighing system to data storage & Printing system.
  • Weighing system with PC base system & Printing system to PC base system with unlimited data storage.
  • Weighing system with PC base system with unlimited data storage & on-line system with LAN.
  • Existing weighing capacity as well as accuracy.
  • Existing system in terms of length, width & Strength of Mechanical structure.

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